RUMOR: Former Red Wings’ star Pavel Datsyuk to return to NHL?

Is it possible that one the most beloved Detroit Red Wings of all-time could make a return to the NHL?

Well, according to NHL insider Bob McKenzie, he has heard some “idle chatter” that Pavel Datsyuk, who is currently playing in the KHL, may consider a return to the NHL next season.

As it stands, Datsyuk is currently the property of the Arizona Coyotes until July 1st, at which time he would become an unrestricted free agent.

Nation, would you like to see Datsyuk make a come back or has his time passed and you are fine with the memories we have?


Jason Hanson vs. Matt Prater: Who is the greatest Detroit Lions’ kicker of all-time?

While browsing Twitter this afternoon, I came across a series of tweets debating whether Jason Hanson or Matt Prater is the greatest Detroit Lions‘ kicker of all-time. My immediate response was that Prater is the best the Lions have ever had but that was based solely on his percentage of makes from 50 yards and out.

That being said, I figured it would only be fair if I took a closer look before jumping to such a decisive conclusion.


As you probably already know if you clicked on this, Jason Hanson spent 21 seasons with the Lions. During that time, he was selected to the Pro Bowl on two occasions (1997 and 1999) and he was always considered to be one of the most consistent kickers in the league. In his career, Hanson made 495 field goals (23.57 per season), including a career-best 34 in 1993.

As far as Prater goes, he is currently in his 12th season (5th season with the Lions), and like Hanson, he has been selected to two Pro Bowls (2013 and 2016). So far in his career, Prater has drilled 270 field goals (22.5 per season), including a career-best 31 in 2016 with the Lions.

You never know with kickers, but chances are that Prater, who is 34, will not play another nine seasons to match Hanson and likely will not end up with as many career field goals.

*Note: Prater still has two games remaining in 2018

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