Rumor: Jameson Williams suffers injury on Day 2 of Detroit Lions training camp

According to a rumor floating around, Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams suffered an injury on Day 2 of training camp. We should know more about this tomorrow morning.

The big news (and bad news) of Day 2 of training camp is that Detroit Lions defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson had to be carted off the field after he suffered what many speculated to be a serious knee injury. Thankfully, it sounds like Gardner-Johnson should be just fine, but according to Jeremy Reisman, CJGJ was not the only Lions player to suffer an injury on Monday as Jameson Williams was also hurt during practice.

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Rumor: Jameson Williams suffers injury

Here is what Reisman had to say about Williams getting “injured” on SB Nation's Lions Training Camp Podcast following today's practice.

(Note: This is just a rumor, and we will have to wait until Tuesday morning to see if Dan Campbell says Williams is actually “injured” or if they were just being precautionary by not letting him practice for the remainder of the day)

“There was another injury that didn't go as reported on, um, Jameson Williams,” Reisman said on the podcast. “Literally the very first play of 11-on-11s, he takes a reverse and comes up kinda holding up his thigh, his hammy, whatever. Um, did not practice the rest of practice, but he did not leave the field either, he had his helmet on. Didn't seem as serious of an injury, he was working with the trainer a little bit. Most of the practice after that, he was just standing there with his helmet on. Almost looked like he was ready to go at some point, but just never made it back onto the field.”

Key Points

  • Detroit Lions defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson suffered what is speculated to be a serious knee injury during practice and had to be carted off the field. However, initial reports suggest that his injury may not be as severe as initially feared.
  • In addition to Gardner-Johnson's injury, there is a rumor that another Lions player, Jameson Williams, may have been injured. According to a Lions Training Camp Podcast, Williams was seen holding his thigh after the first play of 11-on-11s and did not practice for the rest of the day.
  • It's unclear how severe Williams' potential injury may be. He did not leave the field after appearing to be injured and was observed standing with his helmet on, possibly suggesting a less severe injury. Further confirmation from coach Dan Campbell is expected on Tuesday.
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Bottom Line: Don't Worry… Yet

Whether or not Williams was actually “injured” on Monday is not yet known, and we probably will get an answer until Tuesday morning when Dan Campbell speaks to the media. That being said, let's hope that Williams just tweaked something and there is no injury at all to worry about moving forward, as it is important for the youngster to get as many training camp reps as possible.