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Rumor: Michael Jordan could be interested in trading for Detroit Pistons’ C Andre Drummond

The Detroit Pistons had high hopes heading into the 2019-2020 season but those hopes have been all but shattered as they are off to a 4-10 start to the season.

Because of that poor start, many have already begun to suggest the Pistons start selling off some of their bigger contracts and tanking for a higher draft pick.

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Well, according to a recent rumor, Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets are interested in dealing for Pistons center Andre Drummond.

From Heavy.com:

The Hornets are remaking the roster and they’ve gotten themselves pretty well stocked with young guards and wings in the process, plus Washington. But there’s still a glaring hole in the middle and as the Hornets are primed to finally be rid of some of the albatross contracts that have weighed the franchise since its last playoff appearance (in 2016). At long last, they are in position to fill that void.

The target, according to league sources: Pistons big man Andre Drummond, a player in whom the Hornets have had an interest for at least a year.

The Hornets will have cap space this summer, with Bismack Biyombo, Marvin Williams and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist—players making $45 million this season—coming off the books. They could have an offer ready for Drummond at the start of free agency in 2020.

Or they could take advantage of the Pistons’ disappointing 4-10 start to press for a Drummond deal. Detroit has not yet considered moving Drummond this season—they have had trade discussions about him in the past—as the Pistons waited for forward Blake Griffin to return. But the team is still struggling, losing all three games with Griffin back.

“He’ll be a priority there,” one league executive told Heavy.com. “It’s just a matter of whether they make him a priority now and give up something to get him or try to make the move later. It’s a very cautious group, Mitch Kupchak and those guys. But they might want to get this guy into the fold sooner rather than later, there’s just a lot of incentive there on both sides.”

Nation, would you like to see the Pistons deal Drummond to the Hornets?

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