Rumor says Mel Tucker will sign mega-deal to remain at Michigan State long term

When it comes to sticking around programs for a long period of time, Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker has not exactly been a poster child for loyalty.

In fact, prior to leaving Colorado for Michigan State, Tucker went out of his way to assure everyone that he was not leaving, until he did just that.

The latest speculation is that LSU is interested in poaching Tucker from the Spartans and there are plenty of people who believe he would take the job if was offered to him, as it would certainly pay more than he is currently making at Michigan State.

Well, according to a report from Rico Beard, Tucker is reportedly going to sign a mega-deal that will keep him at MSU for a very long time.

From 97.1 the Ticket

“I have sources who said it appears that Mel Tucker is going to be getting a contract extension with money around $6.8 to $7.8 million (per year) with escalators and bonuses that could take him up even higher,” said Beard on 97.1 the Ticket, adding that the news is “unconfirmed.”

“Mel Tucker’s about to secure the bag,” said Mike Valenti, corroborating Beard’s report. “Long-term extension, $6.8 million with incentives to take him to $8 million. It firmly puts him in the top 8 highest-paid coaches. It gets him Ryan Day money. Both Rico and I have heard the same things. This is not new. They’ve been working on this for weeks.”

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