Rumor suggests Red Wings could trade Henrik Zetterberg to Lightning

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For a couple of weeks, I have been telling my colleagues at Detroit Sports Nation that I was going to be putting together an article that discusses how it would make sense for the Detroit Red Wings and Tampa Bay Lightning to make a blockbuster trade before the season begins.

My original thought was that Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman has a good relationship with Lightning GM  Julien Brisebois and that they could swing a deal that would send Tyler Johnson to Hockeytown. The Lighting previously attempted to rid themselves of Johnson’s $5 million cap hit by placing him on waivers but nobody bit and considering they are currently over the salary cap for the upcoming season, they will continue to attempt to trade him.

Well, rather than getting further into what I thought may happen, let’s take a look at a rumor NHL insider Elliotte Friedman dropped earlier on the week on 960 The Fan.

According to Friedman, the rumor going around is that the Red Wings could send Henrik Zetterberg’s LTIR to the Lightning for Tyler Johnson.

“There’s been a rumor going around, actually started in Europe, that the Lightning might trade for Henrik Zetterberg’s LTIR from Detroit, which makes sense depending on what they give up. The report’s been Tyler Johnson, we’ll see if there’s any truth to that.”

Nation, do you think Yzerman can pull off this deal?

10 thoughts on “Rumor suggests Red Wings could trade Henrik Zetterberg to Lightning”

  1. What would be the incentive for the Lightning to acquire Zetts who is damaged goods? The cap issue is important but something in return is important. Must be more to this deal.

    • Yeah there better be a lot more coming Detroit’s way to take that contract on! Maybe a 1st round pick and a prospect will get the conversation started.

    • It is only a paper deal. TBL is not getting Zetterberg himself, but the LTIR cap hit. It is like what the Wings did when they traded Datysuk’s cap hit to the Yotes even though Datysuk was already retired. The Yotes needed to get to the cap floor to be cap compliant, but Datsyuk would never wear a Yotes sweater. Same principle here.

    • Zetterberg will never play again. Tampa can but him on (LTIR) like its stated on the article. When he is no LTIR he`s salary does not count against salary cap. Its that simple on the world of salary caps

    • The Lightning dump his salary and get LTIR cap relief from Zetterbeg to sign their other free agents. One would hope that the Wings would get a high draft pick, as well. Johnson’s contract and term aren’t worth his upside at this point.

  2. Doesn’t make sense for the wings. They are basically taking on Johnson’s contract for the next 4 years for nothing. Zetterberg’s contact for Johnson and a First round pick is barely ok.

  3. Stupid thought, already over the cap. How are they going to pay? Let’s get Cirelli and Cernak signed before we start talking about digging up somebody in the boneyard.

  4. Why make this trade? Can someone explain to me how this benefits the Wings? What makes this a “blockbuster trade”?

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