Rumor suggests when Aaron Rodgers will announce his intentions for 2022

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Aaron Rodgers

What will Aaron Rodgers do in 2022? Will he stay with the Green Bay Packers? Will he ask to be traded? Will he retire?

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Personally, I believe Rodgers will play for the Packers in 2022 but that is just a guess and it would not surprise me one bit if I am wrong.

As soon as the Packers were eliminated from the 2022 NFL Playoffs, Rodgers made it clear that he would not delay his decision for too long as he does not want to put Green Bay in a bad position.

With that being said, it seems like Rodgers will make his decision before the new NFL league year begins on March 16 at 4 p.m. EST.

Well, according to Peter King, there is a “narrative” floating around that Rodgers will make his decision known by Tuesday, which happens to be the franchise tag deadline.

I saw Matt LaFleur walk into a meeting with one of Rodgers’ reps in a room at the JW on Wednesday afternoon and stay for maybe 30 minutes. Lots of cloak-and-dagger here about Rodgers, of course. LaFleur left here on Friday to go to left tackle David Bakhtiari’s weekend wedding in California—and certainly saw Rodgers, one of Bakhtiari’s best friends, there. Will-Rodgers-or-won’t-he is the biggest story out there. And whether to stay in Green Bay, ask for a trade or retire (one of the first two is more probable) likely will come in the next nine days, by the time the 2022 league year begins. There’s one narrative out there that Rodgers will make his call by Tuesday’s franchise-tag deadline, but I don’t know why that matters. The Packers are very likely to franchise another good Rodgers pal, wideout Davante Adams, whether the QB stays or goes.

Nation, where do you think Aaron Rodgers will play in 2022? Or, do you think he will decide to retire from the NFL?

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