Russell Wilson takes to Twitter to deny ‘Bombshell’ report

Russell Wilson has taken to Twitter to react to Friday's report about his request to the Seattle Seahawks' ownership prior to him getting traded.

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has denied a report by The Athletic that claimed he asked the Seattle Seahawks ownership to fire head coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider in February of 2022. Following the ‘bombshell' report, Wilson took to Twitter to state that he never wanted them fired and that all he wanted was to win. However, it's possible that he made it clear to the Seahawks' ownership that changes needed to be made to the current regime and that he needed a new coaching staff and front office.

Key points:

  • Russell Wilson denies asking for Coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider's firing.
  • Wilson took to Twitter to express his love and respect for the two.
  • Wilson may have made it clear that changes were needed to the current regime.
  • Wilson is now working with Sean Payton, who was one of the coaches he was willing to work with two years ago.

The Bottom Line – Wilson Sets the Record (according to him) Straight

The recent report by The Athletic regarding Russell Wilson's alleged request to fire head coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider has caused quite a stir in the NFL community. Wilson has since taken to Twitter to deny the claims and express his respect and love for both Carroll and Schneider. However, the possibility of Wilson's dissatisfaction with the Seahawks' current regime cannot be ignored. That being said, Wilson now plays for the Denver Broncos, so it really does not matter, does it?