Is Russell Wilson’s MVP a guarantee?

Russel Wilson is going to win the MVP, according to Dylan Bair

Russell Wilson's MVP a guarantee?
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Russell Wilson: MVP?

Dylan Bair: Now moving along to a hot button topic specifically for myself. Because AJ, I think when I said one or two for Matthew Stafford, it’s one A and one B. And the one B is Russell Wilson. This is identical to what has been going on with Matthew Stafford, with the Lions. and for sure.

Seattle and the post-Legion of Boom era have been basically incompetent. They were worse. I would argue them the Lions because they didn’t even want to give them a line. 

A.J. Reilly: Yeah. Swiss cheese. It was Swiss cheese on the front line and that swiss cheese got your running back essentially buried.

Dylan Bair: So then Chris Carson’s injury issues, right? 

A.J. Reilly: So then Russell Wilson especially has no help. I didn’t even have Russell Wilson on my top five. I’m gonna be honest with you. And it’s not that I disrespect him. 

Russell Wilson's MVP a guarantee?

Dylan Bair: But clearly the situation that he’s in is what’s doing that. Because there is no one who throws a better deep ball than he does. It’s not close. His accuracy downfield is insane. 

A.J. Reilly: Stafford throws a better deep ball. That’s why he’s won… 

Dylan Bair: Hold on. Stafford, I guess what I would say by better is that his deep balls are extremely accurate. Especially, in mile high. We saw what it did for Peyton Manning. You are going to have completely winded corners in the secondary. That if it’s past 25 yards, that’s going to be touchdowns potentially.

Now I can guarantee you that Denver is going to have the most over 25-yard touchdowns in the entire league. It will happen. Russell Wilson is going to be throwing for over 5,000 yards. He is going to have us career resurgence here, just like Peyton Manning did, maybe even better. There is no doubt in my mind, that Russell Wilson is winning the MVP this year.

He is winning the MVP. That team is going to win at least 12 games. And I think they’re winning the division. Over Kansas City. And this situation is perfect. I don’t want to go too far into the Denver thing but way back when The Big Picture was still a deal, we covered the AFC West. So if you have any curiosities about my feelings on that, go there for that. That’s in the historical record now.

A.J. Reilly: It is, and we’re not going to get into that. But so it’s interesting that you liken Russell Wilson to Peyton Manning and it happening in Denver, even. Do you really think that they’re on like the same level of their career when they went to Denver? 

Dylan Bair: That’s all the more reason why I think Russell Wilson will have a better year, because like Russell Wilson is in a better position.

A.J. Reilly: And that’s where I was going for Russell Wilson. It’s really hard to say, oh, he’s gonna have this resurgence because what’s he coming back from? Everybody knew that Seattle was terrible. Everybody knew that he was doing the best he could do with what he was given. 

Dylan Bair: Sure. But then you guys are not having him in your top five, which is proof positive that he is out of sight out of mind. 

A.J. Reilly: I just think that there are five quarterbacks that are better. He might throw a great deep ball. Fantastic. But there’s more to being a quarterback than throwing a great deep ball. 

Dylan Bair: But he is better. The problem is that he has never had time to throw ever. And I don’t care what this is proof of. This is actually proof of what I and others. Paul, again, he has mentioned in the past. Obviously, it doesn’t matter how great your weapons are. It matters about your line, infinite hundred percent, more group positive. He had Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett, a big fella.

Matthew Stafford's has 'significant question' heading into training camp

The big fella,  if he came back that’s all I know is muscles, McGee. But he had all those weapons and he wasn’t able to do anything. And on top of that, the fact that they were even able to get into the playoffs and have above 500 records is because of him and him alone. If you are an Alliance person who likes Stafford, how is that not dissimilar in those situations?

A.J. Reilly: It’s dissimilar in the fact that I didn’t watch for Russell Wilson as much as I watch Matthew Stafford. But Hey, look, I’m not gonna sit here and pull the wool over your eyes. But I’m gonna tell you the truth. I watch Russell Wilson, and it all does come down a line play. Because the one knock that I would say on Russell Wilson is he is very quick to escape a pocket, but he had to right.

Because, and literally he didn’t have many times, but still even then. The Mahomes and the Allens and those kinds of guys I put over him right now. And we’ll see what he does in Denver. We’ll see what he doesn’t. 

Dylan Bair: I don’t need to see, I will guarantee it. I am doing it now. He is winning the MVP that is happening.

A.J. Reilly: So moving on. So you think that he’s going to have a Matthew Stafford-type year this year? 

Dylan Bair: Statistically speaking, I think it will be better, but to be fair, that’s not Stafford’s fault. 

A.J. Reilly: Who’s his best weapon in Denver? Uh, Stafford, like who would you say his best weapon is in Denver? 

Dylan Bair: Oh, man. Now with the issues that are happening with Jerry Judy and his arrest, I don’t know Jerry Judy is who I would’ve said. 

Courtland Sutton’s probably somebody, especially for fantasy purposes, who I would be looking at in Tim Patrick, especially downfield. Let’s be safe here, fantasy-based perspective. If it’s a Denver receiver, get them. Don’t let anybody else pick them. You need to also Albert O go boy or whatever the hell his name is, pick him up to

In speaking, I guess a little bit in the fantasy perspective of this, the next guy, and this is the second individual who I am extremely high on is Davonte Adams. I would argue that Davonte Adams is the best receiver in the NFL. He is an exceptional route runner. He is that, which I’ll be honest.

I actually value route running a lot more than whether you have fantastic hands because getting distance, especially in the NFL with the way that secondaries are, have so much better athletes. Now that matters. And he’s going into a system which. Go back to AFC West preview in a situation with the Raiders that I think is phenomenal for him.

Derek Carr. I’ll be honest, I think is actually more of an adult than Aaron Rogers is. Oh, for sure. Like he, the things that Derek Carr has been able to overcome like you were talking about your top five list. I wish I would’ve been around. Because Derek Carr would be in my top five. I think Derek Carr’s phenomenal.

He is a fantastic quarterback that has gone through so much. Not as much as his brother did where his brother’s career literally died on the field. But he is going into a situation with an offense with Josh McDaniels now where he’s going to be putting up a fantastic. And he isn’t going to be in a situation where he’s going to be able to flourish a lot better with more weapons.

That’s honestly what’s more important is that you have Josh Jacobs who’s already going to be there. And then you have Darren Waller. Oh my God. There you’re helping me out with this right now. And I appreciate it. Yes. Darren Waller is able to be a focal point for defenses. Especially in the middle of the field that Adams, whenever he was in Green Bay, didn’t really have to worry about.

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