Ryan Day demoralized after Michigan annihilates Ohio State [Video]

Heading into Saturday's game, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day thought his team was prepared for Michigan. Well, that was not the case as the Wolverines turned up the heat and dominated the second half on way to a 45-23 win over the Buckeyes. Following the game, Day was grilled by reporters who wanted to know exactly what happened, and why the Buckeyes were not able to get the job done against the hated Wolverines.

Ryan Day Ohio State

What did Ryan Day say after losing to Michigan… Again?

Following the game, Day told reporters that he felt his team was well-prepared for Saturday's game against Michigan, and that it is hard to describe his emotions.

“Hard to say right now because this is not the outcome we all envisioned,” Day said. “I thought we had really good preparation. I thought we were building towards playing really well in this game. We were fighting there in the first half. I felt really good going into the second half and we just didn’t execute well enough in the first half. I thought we played hard, I thought we were fighting out there, but in the end, we came up short.”

“We’ll figure out what’s next,” Day said. “I don’t know exactly what’s next right now, but that’s life at Ohio State. When you lose, it all comes back to me as head coach. And that’s probably what hurts the most.”

The Buckeyes regular season is now finished and they will have to wait and see if they can still squeeze into the College Football Playoff.

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