S Tracy Walker crashes Aidan Hutchinson interview [Video]

Boys will be boys and that is exactly what happened on Thursday when Detroit Lions safety Tracy Walker decided to have a little bit of fun by crashing Aidan Hutchinson‘s interview.

Watch as Hutchinson is being interviewed by reporters when Walker sneaks his way in to ask a question of his own.

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“How does it feel to be Aidan Hutchinson?” Walker asked his teammate.

Check it out.

Tracy Walker signed an extension during the offseason

Back in March, Walker signed a three-year, $25 million contract extension with the Lions that included $17 million in guaranteed money.

After signing, Walker told reporters he is tired of losing in Detroit and his coaches feel the same way.

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“My coaching staff, I believe in these guys,” Walker said. “They had a huge role in me wanting to come back. I believe in everything that these guys stand for and what they're all about. We're all on the same agenda. We all want to win. I've been here four years. I'm tired of losing in Detroit, and the coaches feel the same way.

“They're tired of Detroit being the laughingstock of the NFL, so that's the confidence right there. I see where things can be at, and we're only a couple plays away and that's been proven. I feel like we're on the come up. I'm not going to sit up here and try to act like I'm a genie or anything, but I'm very confident in what we're bringing this year.”

It sure is nice to see the Lions' players so loose and having fun!

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  1. I have been saying this most of last year that the Detroit Lions needed to draft a QB and that Goff isn’t the answer. I can make these comments because I’ve been a Detroit Lions fan since the Eric Hipple era and the early 1980s. There are rumors that Jimmy G. might be on his way to Motown. Well let’s get him now!! Not a draft pick but seasoned veteran. Goff has to go. Trust me. I’d even take Hipple and Danielson now over this guy. I’m sick of the Lions making poor choices and sticking with their poor choices. I even want Wayne Fontes back. If coach Levy in his late 70s and coaching in into the age of 80 something. Coach Fontes I think is 79.

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