Sacramento Kings have new halftime hit – Baby Races!

When you go to sporting events, halftime is a good time for many to go reload on food and drinks, use the restroom, etc. Many will still sit in their seats and enjoy whatever the home teams have in store in terms of entertainment.

Sometimes there are people dancing, some people singing, some dancing AND singing, and all forms of entertainment have been covered through the years. I think the Sacramento Kings have found the way to keep people locked in – scampering toddlers.

The goal is for the baby to crawl across the floor from one parent to the other. There’s a lot to take in here. One baby rushes out to a blazing start then lets up a couple feet before the finish line. Some babies seem to cross into other lanes (if there are any), which I’m certain is not allowed in race matches. The majority decide to just stay put at the starting gate with parent ‘A’.

At the very end, one toddler gathers enough determination and with a full head of steam cruises to a victory, passed the baby who initially had a rather comfortable lead. The parent of the winning baby seems to pick up her young one before she officially crosses the line, so I think that’s cheating too.

Who cares, though? It’s babies racing. Nothing wrong with that!

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