Salary Cap carryover for 2021 favors Detroit Lions

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On Thursday, the NFL released the minimum salary cap for the 2021 season and it has been set at $180 million.

Some have been confused and have reported that this is the final salary cap for the 2021 season but that is not the case. The true salary cap number will be released at a later date after the “review of final 2020 revenue figures and other audit and accounting adjustments” are made.

On Friday, the NFLPA released the figures for the NFL Club Cap Space Carryover from 2020-2021 and as you can see below, the Detroit Lions lead the NFC North with $12.8 million of cap carryover space from a year ago. That number is exactly $3 million above the $9.8 million league average.

The Cleveland Browns ($30.4 million) have the most carryover while the Baltimore Ravens ($587 thousand) have the least amount of cap space to carry over to the 2021 season.

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