Scott Harris defends decision to keeping playing Javier Baez

Scott Harris Cannot Believe What He Just Said

Detroit Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris addressed the future of shortstop Javier Baez during a recent interview on MLB Network. When asked about the timing for a decision on Baez, who has struggled significantly at the plate, Harris emphasized the current focus on utilizing Baez’s strengths.

Scott Harris proclaims

Baez’s Defensive Contributions Highlighted

“Right now, we are focused on trying to get the most out of him. He’s really an asset for us defensively,” Harris explained. According to Harris, despite Baez’s challenges with batting, his defensive play remains a valued aspect of his game.

“We have a lot of pitchers that put the ball on the ground, especially in the bullpen, and we really rely on him to make the plays behind them. He made some really nice plays over the last week or so that helped us.”

Offensive Struggles and Future Adjustments

At 31 years old, Baez faces significant challenges with his offensive performance, boasting an OPS of .506, placing him near the bottom among qualified hitters. His defensive metrics, including defensive runs saved and outs above average, also suggest room for improvement.

Scott Harris Javier Baez

Harris remains optimistic about Baez‘s potential for adjustment:

“On the offensive side of the ball, he’s going through some adjustments right now… He still has that fast twitch, he still has that athleticism. We just gotta find a way to help him make some adjustments to get back to barreling balls and punishing mistakes like he did in a Cubs uniform back a few years ago. So we’re just focused on trying to put him in a position to help us win games.”

Javy Baez has message Scott Harris

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Scott Harris Emphasizes Defensive Value: Despite struggles at the plate, Detroit Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris highlighted Javier Baez‘s defensive contributions as crucial, especially for a team that relies heavily on ground ball pitchers.
  2. Offensive Challenges Acknowledged: Baez has one of the lowest OPS in the majors, and his offensive metrics continue to decline. Harris mentioned ongoing adjustments to help Baez regain his former batting prowess.
  3. Focus on Immediate Contributions: Harris stressed the importance of using Baez to the team’s immediate advantage, focusing on his defensive skills and potential adjustments to improve his offensive game, despite the growing concerns about his overall performance impacting the team’s success.

Bottom Line: Does Winning Not Matter?

While Scott Harris and the Tigers management continue to support Javier Baez, the reality remains that his current performance may not align with the team’s long-term goals. Winning games is paramount, and whether Baez can adjust and contribute more effectively remains a significant question for the team’s future strategy.

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  1. As a lifelong Tiger fan I’m so disappointed in the way this organization is going about putting a good team on the field. Watching them in spring training I was very encouraged but I now realize that was an illusion as this team has way to many hitters that really are just going through the motions! Very sad also front office seems to really not care on improving the team

    • I put the team’s success or failures on AJ.. how can you get in a groove if he’s switching players around all the time.. it’s like he’s trying to rebuild half the team.. I’m glad they sent torkelson down because he was a killer.. I want to see meadows back up here

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