Scott Harris confident – Miguel Cabrera will return in ’23

On Friday's Mitch Albom Show, Scott Harris was asked about Miguel Cabrera's future with the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers' new President of Baseball operations had some interesting things to say when it came down to the Big Fella.

While it seems like Cabrera may be sticking around, when it comes to holding on to players, Harris is not one to cling to nostalgia.

“We're here to make good baseball decisions, and if that means that we have to move on for players that, for players that don't, you know, fit what we're trying to do over the next handful of years, that that's gonna be something that we're gonna have to look at.”

Scott Harris via The Mitch Albom Show

Will Miguel Cabrera play for the Detroit Tigers in 2023?

When Harris was asked if it was time to move on from Miguel Cabrera, he seemed pretty confident that there is more in the tank to tap into with the big guy. While the conversation with our own AJ Reilly and Lynn Henning seemed to hint that the Tigers were ready to move on from Cabrera, it does not seem like Harris is ready to commit to it.

“No, it is not time to move on from Miguel Cabrera. He's one of the best players of this generation, and he still has a ton to offer. I met with him the other day, and he has a great mindset right now.

And he's committed to doing the work to make sure that he stays a productive player. You know, Miggy is one of the best tigers in the history of this organization. And he has earned that, and he's a huge part of this team.”

Scott Harris via the Mitch Albom Show

What else does Scott Harris have planned for the Tigers?

As we learned in AJ Reilly's interview with Lynn Henning, the Tigers organization is looking to make improvements to Comerica Park, specifically addressing the endless depth of the field. Scott Harris just confirmed this.

When asked if he was going to be active in the conversation about changing the stadium around in the off-season, it was a very clear answer from Harris. “I am”.

It seems like Harris is going to work the process and stay disciplined with making tough decisions. The hard choices are something fans of the Detroit Tigers have been asking for, for years, and it seems like they are coming.

I think there are trade offs for every decision we make, and we're gonna have to evaluate the trade offs before making those decisions. But, you know, these jobs aren't easy. They're really hard and, and that's why they're hard to get. And we're gonna have to make some hard decisions over, over the next few years and have to not be risk averse when we're making those decisions.

I think if we stay disciplined to that strategy, we're gonna, we're gonna be pretty good.

Scott Harris via The Mitch Albom Show