Scott Harris pumps brakes on Detroit Tigers expectations for 2023

Detroit Tigers President of Baseball Operations, Scott Harris, has already begun managing expectations for the upcoming season. Speaking to reporters on Monday, Harris made it clear that he believes there are no shortcuts to success and that the team's path to contention will take time. In other words, he does not expect the team to make much noise in 2023. After winning just 66 games in 2022, this should not come as much of a surprise to anyone.

Why it Matters for the Detroit Tigers

Harris's comments come as no surprise given the Tigers' lackluster performance in 2022. The team won only 66 games, finishing second to last in the American League Central. While the Tigers did make some moves in the offseason, they did not add much in the way of high-end talent, which makes it hard to believe that they will take a significant leap forward in the coming year.

Scott Harris Detroit Tigers

Scott Harris Says the Goal for 2023 is to Play Competitive Baseball

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On Monday, Harris was asked about the expectations for the 2023 season, and he pumped the brakes a bit for those hoping the team can shock the world.

“Our goal for this year is to play competitive baseball as deep into the season as we possibly can,” Harris said. “We're coming off 96 losses. There are no shortcuts back to contention.”

“It starts with putting together a team in an environment that can play competitive baseball every day. We are going to play competitive baseball as deep into the season as we can. That's going to be our goal. We're going to start there and build on that.”

Scott Harris is Essentially Asking Tigers fans to be Patient, Again

This news will undoubtedly be frustrating for Tigers fans who were hoping that the team's rebuild would be over by now. Former General Manager, Al Avila, had promised that the team would be competitive by 2022, but that turned out to be a pipe dream. Instead, the Tigers find themselves in a similar position to where they were a few years ago, needing to be patient and trust the process.

Bottom Line

In the end, Scott Harris's comments should serve as a reality check for Tigers fans. While it's always possible for a team to surprise people and exceed expectations, the odds are not in Detroit's favor. However, it's important to remember that success in baseball is not always measured in wins and losses. If the Tigers can continue to develop their young talent and lay the groundwork for a sustainable contender, then the future may still be bright in Motown.

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