Scottie Montgomery explores Jahmyr Gibbs Potential in 2024: Next Steps for the Rising Star

Jahmyr Gibbs Potential

Detroit Lions running backs coach Scottie Montgomery sees Jahmyr Gibbs as a player beyond his years when he’s on the field.

“When he has his helmet on, it’s hard not to see him as an older player,” Montgomery observed. However, the moment he removes it, the youthful reality sets in, reminding everyone of his potential for growth. “But the moment he takes it off, you know that you’re dealing with a young person,” Montgomery added.

At just 22 years old, Gibbs’ rookie season output of nearly 1,000 rushing yards and a third-place finish in the NFL for yards per carry (5.2) indicates just the beginning of his capabilities.

3 Detroit Lions players Jahmyr Gibbs Potential

Stepping Up the Game

The expectations for Gibbs in the upcoming season are high, with the Lions aiming for him to achieve greatness consistently. “The next step” for Gibbs, as Montgomery put it, is “consistency.” The Lions are looking for an all-season performance from Gibbs, now fully integrated into the offensive system.

“We’re past the point now where, you know, he’s coming along, he understands this part (of the offense) or protection. No, he’s there and he needs to understand (all) of it,” Montgomery said. Further development in the passing game is a specific focus. “Now what we need him to do from a passing game standpoint is go to the next level,” Montgomery stated, highlighting the need for Gibbs to expand his skills beyond efficient check-downs to becoming a great route-runner capable of handling diverse passing plays.

The MVP Potential and Pro Bowl Achievement

While Gibbs’ MVP potential is a tantalizing prospect, Montgomery remains focused on his development, stating, “Man, that’s hard when you start thinking about the people that won that. I haven’t thought about that. I have seen growth in a young player. I know that he’s super talented. I also know there are things he can get better at… In that process, if he blossoms into what you say, then it would be great to be along for the ride.”

Last season, Gibbs made the Pro Bowl as an alternate for Christian McCaffrey who was busy preparing for the Super Bowl, a testament to his prowess and an indication of his upward trajectory in the NFL.

Detroit Lions assistant Scottie Montgomery Scottie Montgomery talks about his coaching future

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Early Success: Jahmyr Gibbs demonstrated significant talent and capability in his rookie year, rushing for nearly 1,000 yards.
  2. Development Focus: The Lions coaching staff is focusing on developing Gibbs’ skills in the passing game to enhance his overall impact.
  3. Recognition and Potential: Jahmyr Gibbs’ potential is recognized not only in his early accolades but also in the expectations set by his coaches.

The Bottom Line: A Future Filled with Promise

Jahmyr Gibbs is on a path that could very well lead to NFL stardom. With a foundation of solid performance and a focus on skill expansion, Gibbs is not just a key player for the Lions but a potential future MVP. As he grows into his role and expands his capabilities, the excitement around his career trajectory will undoubtedly continue to build.

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