Scottie Pippen embarrasses himself with absurd comment about Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen‘s recent comments regarding Michael Jordan have raised eyebrows among basketball fans and pundits. Despite their shared success as integral members of the Chicago Bulls dynasty in the 1990s, Pippen has taken an unexpected turn by expressing his preference for LeBron James as the greatest player of all time. However, Pippen's latest explosive remarks, branding Jordan as a “horrible player” and criticizing his approach, have caused a stir in the basketball community.

Scottie Pippen Michael Jordan

Key Points

  • Pippen played alongside Jordan during the Chicago Bulls' dominant years, winning six NBA championships together.
  • Despite their history of success, Pippen has publicly favored LeBron James over Jordan when discussing the greatest player of all time.
  • In recent comments, Pippen went a step further, labeling Jordan as a “horrible player” and criticizing his one-on-one style and shot selection.
  • Pippen acknowledged that Jordan's game transformed once the Bulls became a cohesive team, but failed to mention the early lack of a supporting cast.
  • Notably, Pippen continued to emphasize LeBron James, suggesting he will eventually be recognized as the greatest statistical player in NBA history.

Scottie Pippen embarrasses himself with absurd comment about Michael Jordan

Here is what Pippen had to say about Jordan:

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“I'd seen Michael Jordan play before I came to play with the Bulls. You guys have seen him play. He's a horrible player,” Pippen said.

“He was horrible to play with. He was all one-on-one, he's shooting bad shots, and all of a sudden we become a team and we start winning. Everybody forgot who he was.”

Bottom Line – Pippen has officially lost his mind

Just like anyone else, Pippen is 100% entitled to his opinion, but to say Jordan was a “horrible” player is not only laughable, but it is a bit concerning. Either A) Pippen is the biggest Jordan hater on the planet or B) He actually believes what he said, which means he has lost his mind!

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