Scotty Bowman predicts how long it will take Steve Yzerman to build a contender in Detroit

Trust the Yzerplan!

How many times have you heard that said or seen it written over the past two seasons since Steve Yzerman took over as general manager of the Detroit Red Wings?

Well, if you have faith in Yzerman eventually getting the job done and building the Red Wings into a contender like they once were, all you can do at this moment is trust the Yzerplan.

But, how long will it take Yzerman to build a contender in Detroit?

Well, according to former Red Wings coach and NHL legend Scotty Bowman, it takes five years to build a team.

From Detroit Free Press:

“Steve Yzerman has put Detroit in a pretty good position for the next two or three years to sign players to the right contracts. They have cap space now. When you get players in the draft you typically have to wait two or three years for them to develop. They can augment the drafted players and can go out and compete to get players now. There will be some good ones coming up in the marketplace because the teams they’re with have no more cap room.

“To have a good team and keep it together takes a lot of gymnastics. Steve’s not impatient. It takes five years to build a team and he’s only in his second year. Look what he did in Tampa Bay. Those are his players and look how well they’ve done.”

Nation, how long do you think it will take Yzerman to build a contender in Hockeytown?

What do you think?

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  1. The only one I would disagree with that Erich likes for coach picks is Redmond. The reason being is that he has never been a coach before and to have him jump in feet first into a coaching job isnt the right call for the WINGS. Don’t get me wrong, I love MICK, I would rather hear and see him in the broadcast both for Detroit.

  2. Being that I’m one of many big Red Wings fans in my opinion I believe it’s time for a coaching change here on Detroit. I’m not saying that Jeff blashill is a bad coach,just not the right fit for the Red Wings anymore after 6 seasons as the coach he has yet to get the Red Wings back into the playoffs.
    I believe Steve yzerman and the organization might think about these three great candidates
    1. Gerard Gallant
    2. Mickey Redmond
    3. Rick tococket
    One of those 3 coaches would be a great fit for the Red Wings since 2 out of the 3 are former Detroit Red Wings players,they know what Detroit Red Wing hockey is all about and the way Red Wings hockey is played. If one of these 3 became coach of the Red Wings in think they will be in the 21/22 NHL playoffs next season without a doubt.

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