Seahawks’ Pete Carroll praises Detroit Lions prior to playoff matchup

On Monday, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talked about the upcoming matchup with our Detroit Lions, and he simply stated that the Lions are a team that is “well equipped.” Obviously, he is treading lightly, trying to not create any type of bulletin board material for the Lions this weekend, but his comments were focused on two aspects of the Lions teams that he felt the Seahawks needed to be prepared for: Matthew Stafford and Detroit's defensive front seven.

On Stafford:

“The quarterback has been phenomenal, he played really well yesterday,” Carroll said of Stafford, who completed 26-of-41 throws for 347 yards, two touchdowns, and one pick in Week 17 against Green Bay. “But he did hurt his finger on his throwing hand and it affected his numbers and stuff. You’d like to say that it wouldn’t, just like [Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek] Carr when he hurt his finger too, he had a couple weeks that was not as sharp.

“But they’re very well equipped,” Carroll added. “They’ve got experience, they’ve got good guys to go to, they’ve got a very aggressive defense, so it’s a well-tested team and the quarterback can do whatever he needs to do. He can throw for 400 [yards] on any day, so we’ve got to get our act together and get ready.”

On the Defense:

“It’s a good front,” Carroll said. “They really rush the passer well and they’re tough up front. It’s just been an aggressive group for years. You’ve got some big names on that side, too.”

We'll see come Saturday how well equipped the Lions are to handle the weather, the 12s, and the Seahawks.