Seahawks S Quandre Diggs opens up about time with Detroit Lions

This coming Sunday, Seattle Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs will take the field at Ford Field for the first time since he was a member of the Detroit Lions.

Diggs played 4 1/2 seasons in Detroit before he fell out of favor with the worst head coach in Lions' history, Matt Patricia.

Leading up to Sunday's game, Diggs talked to the media about his time with the Lions.

Seahawks S Quandre Diggs opens up about time with Detroit Lions

Since being traded to the Seahawks, Quandre Diggs has made the Pro Bowl in each of his two full seasons, and it is pretty obvious that Patricia (and Bob Quinn) made a big mistake by unloading him.

‘It's always a special place for me. Even like watching on film, just seeing the turf and seeing the fans in the stadium it brings back memories, of course,” Diggs said Wednesday. ”Detroit is what made me into who I am now, so I'm forever grateful for my opportunity.”

”You don't know that Quandre stepped up in Detroit and said some stuff that he felt needed to be said in that program for whatever was going on. I don't know what the story was all about, but when he did, he put himself in a light where he wasn't in great favor there,” Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said in March.

”We were able to give him a second shot at coming to us and look what has happened with Quandre, we just signed him to a huge deal to be a great leader in our program. He's a magnificent player, back-to-back Pro Bowls and all of that kind of stuff. That's just because he got a second chance and did something with it.”

Diggs added that he feels blessed for the time he spent with the Lions, naming the Ford Family and Jim Caldwell, specifically.

”I spent my first 4 1/2 years in the league in Detroit when they took a shot on the sixth-round guy from Texas. It might have not been me. I might not be who I am today.

”So I'm blessed. The Ford family, Jim Caldwell and that coaching staff. So I mean, that's what made me. Before I was here with you guys, I was in Detroit making a name for myself.”

Quandre Diggs should still be a Detroit Lion and Matt Patricia screwed it up!

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