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Sean Avery explains how he would take care of cheap shot artist Tom Wilson [VIDEO]

One of the most notorious former NHL pests has offered his take on the controversy that’s made headlines in the National Hockey League this week.

Let’s set the stage first for those of you who may be unaware. Earlier in the week, Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson was fined a mere $5,000 for injuring New York Rangers star forward Artemi Panarin – AFTER he had already punched forward Pavel Buchnevich in the back of the head while he was facedown on the ice.

The Rangers as a team issued a strong condemnation of NHL Department of Player Safety head George Parros, outright calling for his dismissal for what they felt was dereliction of duty for a player with multiple fines and suspensions for past similar acts.

Enter Sean Avery. How would he handle it had he still been playing?

“First of all, I’d love to have a time machine,” Avery says, adding, “Because I’d go back in time. I wouldn’t go after Wilson, OK? Hopefully, all the boys would say ‘you know what, we’ll cover the fine.’ I would dump the puck in slowly so that Braden Holtby or whoever the goaltender was for the Capitals had to come out and play the puck, and I would run through him like a f—ing bulldozer. And that would send a message, that would let the Washington Capitals know that there’s repercussions. When you take out our star player, you’re going to feel it. It’s as simple as that.”

Former Detroit Red Wings forward Sean Avery quickly garnered a reputation for being one of the NHL’s most notorious pests due to his constant trash talking and on (and off) ice antics.

He got his NHL career started with the Red Wings before being traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 2003 in a deal that brought Mathieu Schneider to the Motor City. That’s when his career really took off.

He’d later see action with the New York Rangers (twice) and the Dallas Stars, who unceremoniously ditched him following his crude comments to the media in 2008 regarding a former girlfriend.

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