Sean McVay confirms what knowledgeable football fans already knew about Matthew Stafford

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Sean McVay

Looking back at Matthew Stafford‘s time with the Detroit Lions, one of the first words that come to mind is “polarizing.”

For the most part, people who are truly knowledgeable about the game of football realized that Stafford was a top-tier quarterback who was put in a bad situation, year, after year, after year. Yet for those casual fans who THINK they know football, Stafford was a bottom-tier QB who was holding the Lions back from ever winning a Super Bowl.

Well, now Stafford is with the Los Angeles Rams, and head coach Sean McVay could not be happier with his new quarterback.

During a recent interview with Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, McVay confirmed what knowledgeable football fans already knew about Stafford.

“Bro, this dude’s a bad MF-er,” he said, laughing. “Whatever people say about him, as good as it can be, he’s even better than advertised. It makes sense to him. The guy’s ability to see the game, his ability to draw on his experiences, the feel that he has, it’s pretty special and unique. And man, his feel for people, his authentic way of connecting with his teammates, his coaches, this guy, it’s great being around him.”

Damn right, coach!


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