Section 313 Podcast: Tigers trade J.D. Martinez, who’s next?

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Show Highlights:

  • J.D. Martinez Trade (:27-13:07)
  • Who’s next to go? (13:08-23:40)
  • Tigers August Outlook (23:41-29:31)

Welcome to the inaugural Section 313 podcast. We have taken our typical Section 313’s, which will still exist, and added a podcast to them. It will be hot takes and in-depth analysis on the Detroit Tigers every week.

This week we were going to focus on the trade speculation that was surrounding the Tigers organization and then yesterday the first shoe dropped as J.D. Martinez is heading to Arizona in exchange for three prospects. So naturally, J.D. becomes the focal point of the first broadcast (:27-13:09). I’ll break down why I think this trade makes sense and how it affects the future of the organization.

Secondly, who is the next Tiger to leave the Motor City? Names have swirled like Justin WilsonAlex AvilaIan Kinsler, Jose Iglesias, and even Justin Verlander. So who goes next and where do they go, what type of return do they bring? All of that answered in the second segment.

Lastly, what does August look like for the boys in the old English D? They play 17 games on the road and 11 games at home, can they make a last ditch run, even amid selling guys off? I think they can–given the core of the lineup that most likely isn’t going anywhere.

So go ahead and jump into the first of (hopefully) many episodes of the Section 313 Podcast. Comment and let me know your thoughts, questions, and concerns. Would love to address them in an upcoming episode. Until then, Go Tigers and thanks for stopping by.