Set to become free agent, Detroit Pistons C Andre Drummond wants to get paid

He's set to become one of the top NBA free-agents next summer, but could he be back in the Motor City?

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond is expected to decline his $28.75 million player option for the 2020-21 season. While making an appearance at a basketball tournament in the area of Connecticut where he grew up, he talked about his intentions next year.

Reporter: “You’ve got a lot of years left, you’re still a young guy …”

(Drummond cuts him off).

Drummond: “I’m a free agent next summer.”

Reporter: “Are you looking forward to that?”

Drummond: “Yeah, it should be fun. I’m excited. I think I’m the only one that has a big contract coming up for that year.”

From this point up until October 21, Drummond has the option of opting in 2020-21 season and add up to three additional years to his deal; The first year of the contract extension can be any amount up to 120% of his 2020-21 salary (which is a max of $34.5 million).

However, if he opts out, he'd still be able to ink an extension with the Pistons until June 30, the eve of free-agency. The extension wouldn't be for any less than $28.75 million or exceed $34.5 million.

Head coach Dwane Casey doesn't involve himself in the contract process, but spoke of the value that Drummond brings to the team.

“Andre understands who he is, what he means to us, how important he is to our program, where he is in his career, where he stands in the league,” Casey said.

Casey continued: “I try to stay out of the contract part of it, but my thing is, I want every one of our players to be rewarded, but the only way you are rewarded in this league is by winning. I hope they get every penny that's coming to him, but the only way we accomplish that together is through winning.”

In 79 games last season, Drummond put up 17.3 points, 15.6 rebounds, 1.7 steals and 1.7 blocks in 79 games