Sheila Ford Hamp comments on former players ripping Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn

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As soon as the news broke that the Detroit Lions were firing head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn, former Lions players took to social media, mostly to throw shade at Patricia.

Though there have been a plethora of former players who have spoken out against Patricia, Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp is not concerned.

“You know, players are going to have different ideas. Some players are going to think one way, some are going to think another. Not really, no. I mean, (I was) hoping that it was going to all pull together. I think in many ways – I think we’ve got a really talented team, or a talented team. I think we should have come together better than we have. I guess we just felt like the leadership wasn’t getting that job done.”

Honestly, I am surprised this question was asked in the first place. Patricia and Quinn are both history and a new regime will be coming in. That past is the past, let’s move on and hope and pray that things finally change for the better.