Sheila Hamp Ford has message for Detroit Lions fans on eve of 2021 season

There is a different feel going into the Detroit Lions 2021 season and it has nothing to do with wins and losses.

Instead, it has to do with the culture change that has taken place ever since Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia were sent packing and Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell were hired by Lions’ owner, Sheila Ford Hamp.

During a recent interview with the Detroit News, Ford Hamp had a message for Lions fans. She said that though it may take a couple of years to win big, she did not want to put a timetable on it, she wants the Lions to be one of the best teams in football and she thinks her squad will surprise some people in 2021.

“Hopefully sooner than later, but if it takes a couple years, that’s what it takes,” she said. “My goal for the football team and the whole organization, I want this to be an organization people really want to work for, to feel good and excited. And I want our football team to be one of the best. I feel like we have a path and hopefully we’ll get there. There’s just so many things, so many moving parts, it’s just hard to predict. If we’re lucky, stay healthy, you don’t know. I think we’re going to surprise people, for sure.”

Nation, how long do you think it will take the new regime to build the Lions into perennial contenders?

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