Sherrone Moore Fires Back at Haters Who Say Michigan Football Cheated In 2023

Sherrone Moore Defends Michigan’s Championship Integrity

In a staunch defense of Michigan football’s integrity, offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore clapped back at allegations that the Wolverines’ 2023 national championship was tainted. Despite claims from rival fans and commentators, NCAA President Charlie Baker confirmed that Michigan’s title was earned “fair and square.”

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Sherrone Moore Has Message For The Haters

The whispers of alleged cheating began with Michigan’s pivotal win over Penn State, which occurred while Head Coach Jim Harbaugh was suspended. Sherrone Moore was thrust into the spotlight as the acting head coach just an hour before the game, leading the team to a crucial victory. Moore recalled the emotional moment after the win:

“For the people on the outside who think our players didn’t win fairly or do something, or do that, it was just kind of like, ‘OK, bet,’” Moore told Joel Klatt. “This is what we’re about. We’re gonna go attack the moment, we did. And now what can you say about us?”

“For the people on the outside who think our players didn’t win fairly or do something, or do that, it was just kind of like, ‘OK, bet!'”

Sherrone Moore said via the Joe Klatt Show

Fueling the Fire

By the time of Michigan’s critical games against Ohio State and beyond, former staff member Connor Stalions had already left the program. Sherrone Moore believes that the controversy and adversity galvanized the team, pushing them to prove their critics wrong.

“I think a little bit, I think they were motivated by that, more than anything,” Moore stated. “Winning the national championship, getting the national championship — because that’s all they talked about in the beginning of the year. And we always talked about process over prize, and we knew what the prize was… when all that stuff started to come out, it just added a little fuel to the fire.”

The Bottom Line

In the face of swirling allegations and intense scrutiny, Michigan football’s 2023 national championship stands as a testament to their resilience and unyielding spirit. Offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore’s passionate defense of the Wolverines highlights a team that thrived despite the shadows of controversy. Their journey, marked by pivotal victories and fueled by external doubts, showcases a program that, according to NCAA President Charlie Baker, earned their title “fair and square.” As Michigan moves forward, the legacy of their championship season is defined not by the accusations they overcame but by the unity and determination that led them to triumph.

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