Should Matthew Stafford pull a Carson Palmer?

The Detroit Lions used the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft to select Georgia quarterback, Matthew Stafford.

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The hope was that Stafford would finally turn around what was a once-proud organization and lead them to their first Super Bowl.

Well, fast forward to 2020 and Stafford has yet to win a single playoff game, which I have argued repeatedly is not ALL his fault. He has rarely had a solid defense and has pretty much never had a running game worth anything.

Has Stafford been great? To be honest, at some times he has been and at other times, he has left much to be desired. But, with a good team around him, he would certainly be good enough to win playoff games.

Unfortunately, the Lions organization has failed him, much like the Cincinnati Bengals franchise continuously failed Carson Palmer while he was their quarterback.

As noted in The Football GM podcast, Palmer eventually got sick of playing for the Bengals organization and eventually decided that he wanted to finish out his career somewhere else.

Nation, do you think Matthew Stafford SHOULD pull a Carson Palmer and leave the Lions? Do you think he WILL?