Sights and sounds from Lou Whitaker’s big day at Comerica Park

Saturday was a big day for former Detroit Tigers second baseman Lou Whitaker as he had his jersey No. 1 retired at Comerica Park.

On Saturday afternoon, the Detroit Tigers FINALLY did what they should have done a long time ago as they honored the great Lou Whitaker by retiring his number and inscribing his name and No. 1 on the brick wall above the outfield at Comerica Park, next to his old double play partner, Alan Trammell.

In case you were not able to get out to the game or watch the ceremonies on television, here are some of the highlights, via the Detroit Tigers.

Here are some of the current Tigers players congratulating Whitaker prior to his big day.

The Tigers wore a commemorative patch on their sleeve to honor Whitaker.

No. 1 will never be worn again by another Tiger.

The fans lined up before the game just so they could get an autograph from Sweet Lou Whitaker.

If you ever had the opportunity to see Whitaker play in person, you will remember this like it was yesterday.

Officially, official!

“This will be one of the greatest moments in my life,” Whitaker said to the crowd. Knowing that my number will be retired… on the wall with the legends from Tigers history. What an honor.”

Tigers fans did their thing to help make Lou's day as special as possible.

There was only one option to catch Whitaker's ceremonial first pitch prior to the Tigers' game against the Tampa Bay Rays.


To make things even more special for Lou Whitaker, the Detroit Tigers defeated Rays by a score of 9-1. Yep, that's right! There is that No. 1 again!

Thanks for everything, LOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

Nation, did you go to yesterday's game? If so, what was your favorite part of Lou Whitaker's big day at Comerica Park?