Sorry Draymond, You Deserved That Ejection


Draymond Green's Ejection Was Harsh But Fair

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Matt Bassin: So let's talk about the Draymond ejection because people have been feeling some type of way, one way or the other. Personally, I understand the objection. I heard Draymond after the game and he's talking about, I was using the jersey to hold him up and it's like, yeah, you were using the jersey to hold him up eventually.

But your initial grab of the jersey was not to rescue the man. It was doing this: You are pulling down on that hand, which is not a safe play whatsoever. Now in the end you used it and you know, trying to hold them up. I don't know how well that's going to work. The jersey might just rip and the guy's going to hit the ground anyway, but I understand the flagrant too.

I don't disagree with it, I think that the final call that he keeps mentioning was way more of a problem. I didn't think he deserved a suspension for that whatsoever. But this, an ejection in this game, you're grabbing a man's jersey when he's on his way up for a shot, layup, dunk, whatever. That's not a basketball play.

Ryan Griffin: Well, so the jersey grab, just kind of seemed like it happened. And I did think he was trying to at least break his fall. Maybe not hold him up, but keep them from doing whatever. Who is a Maxi Kleber, for the Mavs. Did you see that? Or were you just hanging on the rim and then someone came and straight undercut him and then it just, yeah, that bad news bears there.

The thing that should've got Draymond ejected, if you're on team ejection is, he hit him in the face pretty hard. Was he going for the ball? Probably, can that happen? Yeah. Guys are fast. The ball is moving everywhere. So I don't think he should have been ejected, but I didn't think it was egregious just cause he got him right clean in the face. Again, if you're not Draymond, are you going to get ejected? Probably not, but it did seem like a reputation call, but I didn't think it was so super egregious or ridiculous like Draymond said it was, on his Podcast. 

Matt Bassin: Wow. I keep seeing the same play over and over again where he's going for the ball. He misses, hits him in the face, the hand’s coming down, he grabs and now he's pulling, then Brandon Clarke falling. Then Draymond's trying to do this so that he doesn't fall as hard. But the initial contact to me, for the jersey, wasn't a grab to rescue. It was a grab to pull, then it became a rescue.

I keep watching this. I'm trying to see where he's saying, I just use the jersey to help him up. I called them up and I'm like, no, your initial reaction on the jersey is grabbing and going down, it's not coming up. So, to me, I don't care who you are, Draymond or Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

You grab someone's jersey and it looks like you are pulling them down. I think you're going to get at least a flagrant one, if not a flagrant two, for it. MJ might get out of it altogether. 

Ryan Griffin: Well, MJ is the reason that Pippin didn’t win any defensive player of the year awards. Didn't you know?