Source: Cryptic exchange hints towards 97.1 The Ticket’s Mike Sullivan’s new partnership

Friday is going to be a sad day for those of us who have grown accustomed to listening to Mike Sullivan‘s voice on 97.1 The Ticket (at least for those of us who are fans of his).

On Friday, Sully will produce his final Mike Valenti Show before moving on to the next chapter of his life, which he will likely reveal within the next couple of weeks.

Prior to his final show, Sullivan took to Instagram to share some final thoughts before he heads into the studio and attempts to survive four hours with Valenti like he has done so many times before.

I’ll officially close a huge chapter of my life today. One that I’m beyond grateful for 97.1 The Ticket. This job has allowed me to work with some incredible people, meet a ton more, and do some pretty awesome things.

Again, a true THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. All the messages have been overwhelming. I’m extremely excited for the my chapter to begin. But have to take some time to reflect and also drop a couple more ????????. Wish I was allowed more than 10 photos!

While scrolling through Sully's replies, I came across what I believe to be a nice hint about who he will be partnering with for his venture and it is none other than former 97.1 The Ticket host, Kyle Bogey (Bogenshutz). A source of Detroit Sports Nation who is close to the situation has confirmed this to be true.

Check it out.

Best of luck to Mike Sullivan!

Mike Sullivan, 97.1 The Ticket