Southsiders Level Tigers; Miguel Bows Out Of Derby; Omar to DL; Jhonny Faces 50 Games

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DETROIT, Michigan —

Justin Verlander was knocked around to begin the 8th inning, and the bullpen fell flat as the White Sox punched out 23 hits in their 11-4 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday night at Comerica Park. Detroit was coming off its longest road trip of the season, and played like a team that was a bit jet lagged. Even though the flight from Cleveland to Detroit is about 30 minutes, trips to Toronto and Florida and the Lake Erie shores make for a long swing.

Miguel Cabrera was the only bright spot tonight, going 1 for 4 with his 29th HR of the season. Earlier in the day, Miguel declined a spot in the Home Run Derby, electing to give his back a rest. As a Tigers fan, I’m ecstatic that Miggy is skipping the Derby. As a baseball fan in general, it’s a bummer that we’re not going to see one of the game’s best duke it out at Citi Field. The decision to skip it is a wise one, as Cabrera isn’t a spring chicken anymore.

The Tigers also placed 2B Omar Infante on the 15-day disabled list, retro to July 6th. Hernan Perez has been called up to play, and finished 0 for 4 tonight against Chicago. Infante appeared to hurt his ankle while sliding into 2nd base in Toronto. He collided with the Jays shortstop before being called out on a play. Tigers Manager Jim Leyland said Infante will be ready to go once the All-Star Break is finished.

Speaking of post-All-Star Break, there is a report that Major League Baseball is preparing to suspend up to 20 players, including Tigers SS Jhonny Peralta, for their roles in the Biogenesis Clinic Scandal. Players could miss up to 50, or even 100 games for lying to the MLB about their use of performance enhancing drugs. Stars such as Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Bruan are at the center of the acquisitions. We’ll have much more on that, if and when a decision is made.

Detroit Tigers rotation for HUGE series vs. Yankees

Detroit will gear up for another evening matchup against the White Sox on Wednesday night, with Rick Porcello getting the call beginning at 7:08.

Go Tigers!



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  1. If a ball player or anyone in sports has never tested positive for peds how can they suspend them?

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