Special Teams coordinator Brayden Coombs fired by Detroit Lions


According to the Detroit Lions, they have fired one of the only competent pieces of their franchise.

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That person? Special teams coordinator, Brayden Coombs.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, firing Coombs “was an organizational decision that had been building, and culminated with his decision yesterday to call for a fake punt.”

What a damn joke this franchise is.

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  1. This move is another nightmarish decision to hang on the “I am a Lions Fan” nightmare tree. It’s as frustrating as all the times the refs have helped the Packers beat us over the years. It’s just as bad because there’s just nothing one can do about either messed up dynamic surrounding this team. Who is responsible for this “I’ve got a good idea, let’s fire the coach that got us 3 blocked punts in a 2 game span” decision? Whomever that person is should be banned from the football universe. Whoever that person is clearly cannot objectively quantify the disaster that the Lions are…the most embarrassing professional sports team EVER. And not because of the players either! It’s EXACTLY because of decision making like this. Whoever thought that this was the thing to do to start some reverse momentum in this nightmarish ride called “I’m a Lions Fan” MUST, absolutely MUST, come out and explain yourself to your people. For we all know that leadership must be accountable to the people, AKA, government, so Lions Front Office decisions like this must be aired and debated in the court of public reason. For without accountability, the Lions will slip further into the Void. A decision like this is so profoundly dumb that one can reasonably assume that it was motivated by someone on the take for something, such as providing a friend a job, or by someone whose in heavy debt to the Mob. I’d rather watch the Lions, in the sudden death era of Overtime, win the coin toss and elect to kick off. Hmmmm wait, might that have actually happened!? Yes, sadly it did happen. I am not lying, as it is public record, and so is this firing. Best field goal kicker, best punter, blocked kicks, an onside kick that should have gone our way, Miles Killibrew, the publicly known best phase of the Lions ball playing, and yet Wham! This kind of thing can only happen in a nightmare. Oh God, please release me from this affliction I suffer from that is only natural…to grow up a Lions fan and to want better things from them. How can life be so cruel? Step forward and articulate why 1 failed fake punt that happened in an already lost season is grounds for dismissal, as if the rest of the season did not exist. 3 blocked punts in 2 games. Step forward.

    • Make that 2 blocked punts. Still lead the league. The NFL. The group of the worlds best football players. Announce yourself.

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