Spencer Torkelson Focuses on Growth After Triple-A Demotion

Spencer Torkelson is back in Triple-A, committed to proving he’s ready for another shot at the big leagues.

Spencer Torkelson, the former No. 1 overall pick, has found himself back in Triple-A with the Toledo Mud Hens after struggling to find his footing in the big leagues this season. Despite the disappointment, Torkelson is approaching this setback with a realistic and mature mindset, focusing on refining his skills and regaining his confidence.

Spencer Torkelson

A Humble Return to Triple-A

In his 209 at-bats with the Detroit Tigers this season, Torkelson posted a .201 batting average and a .596 OPS, with only four home runs and 18 RBIs. His expected slugging percentage, according to Baseball Savant, plummeted from the 83rd percentile last season (.484) to just the seventh percentile this season (.325). These numbers highlight the challenges he faced, both in meeting the high expectations set for him and in delivering consistent performance.

Spencer Torkelson’s reaction to his demotion has been one of acceptance and resolve. He acknowledges the results-driven nature of professional baseball and understands the need for improvement.

“I’m never going to be the one to walk into someone’s office and be like, ‘I’m ready, call me back up,’” Torkelson said. “They have an idea of what they want to see, and I’m just going to be grinding down here and clearing the head and getting confidence and doing whatever I can to improve my ability. The front office makes the final decision. If they believe I’m ready, I’m ready.”

“I’m never going to be the one to walk into someone’s office and be like, ‘I’m ready, call me back up,’” Torkelson said.

Spencer Torkelson Via the Toledo Blade

Struggles and Realizations For Spencer Torkelson

The weight of his struggles with the Tigers was not lost on Spencer Torkelson. He felt the pressure of not living up to his potential and the expectations of the organization and fans. This internal struggle made the demotion a tough but necessary step for his development.

“It’s a results-oriented business, and I wouldn’t say I was surprised,” Torkelson admitted. “I have no problem with the decision. It sucks, but you deal with it. I have a good opportunity to figure it out here and go back and contribute up there.”

Spencer Torkelson deserves apology A.J. Hinch

Positive Steps in Toledo

Since his return to Triple-A, Spencer Torkelson has shown promising signs of improvement. In a recent series against Iowa, he simplified his approach and saw immediate results. Over six games, he hit .333, including a home run and four RBIs. These performances suggest that Torkelson is beginning to find his rhythm and regain the confidence that made him a top draft pick.

The simplified approach in Iowa has allowed Torkelson to focus on the fundamentals and clear his mind of the pressures that weighed him down in Detroit. This period of adjustment and growth at Triple-A is seen as a critical step in his journey back to the majors.

Looking Forward

Spencer Torkelson’s journey is far from over. While his time in Toledo is a step back in terms of his immediate career trajectory, it represents an essential phase in his development. The Detroit Tigers are closely monitoring his progress, looking for signs that he is ready to return and contribute meaningfully at the major league level.

For now, Torkelson remains committed to the grind, embracing the opportunity to improve and earn his way back to the big leagues. His attitude and performance in Triple-A will play a crucial role in determining when that return will happen.

Written by W.G. Brady

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