Stanley Cup Playoffs – Your Best Bets

As we draw towards the end of a fantastic season, NHL Playoffs are proving to be quite entertaining. The last few months have seen incredible action on the ice, with teams playing some of their best games ever. However, the competition hasn’t been without its fair share of surprises.

In the Eastern Conference, the Carolina Hurricanes were at one time looking undefeatable. Even though they were not at the top of their group, the Hurricanes managed to pull it together and made a mark when it mattered the most. They went through beating the New York Islanders to reach the Conference Finals with ease. Whether they underestimated their opponent thereon, or maybe previous victories had them feeling overconfident, but the Conference Finals turned out to be a whole different puck game.

Now, we are heading towards the Stanley Cup finals. It was the Boston Bruins who finally controlled the Hurricanes and sent them packing during the Conference Finals. Even more impressive is that the Bruins beat the Hurricanes in all the four games with considerable margins. Not only did this prove to be advantageous for all the punters who were supporting the Bruins, but for the bettors who plan to set bets during the final, the Bruins gave everyone a glimpse of their dominance over the game.  

Looking at the present-day standings, Bruins are a good bet to make as the winners of the Stanley Cup this year. When we look at the NHL Playoff odds, the bookmakers have them at -105 to win, clearly making them a favorite. Punters should use this time to pick up some fantastic betting offers and odds from the leading bookmakers to increase their profits. With bonuses ranging from $50 up to $250, there are some excellent earnings to be made by placing the right bets at the perfect time.

The NFL 2018-19 season was not without its controversies. One of the most recent, that in all likelihood changed the outcome of the whole tournament was the penalty call against Vegas when they faced the Sharks. It was because of this Game 7 penalty that the Sharks went on ahead to reach the Conference Finals whereas the Vegas players headed home earlier than expected.

As a result of the controversy, the Sharks are presently trying their best to get a spot in the Stanley Cup Final. Listed at +320 they are the least favorite with the bookmakers to lift the cup. However, we already know that luck is on their side, and even though they are lagging in the Conference Finals against the St Luis Blues, there is still an opportunity to come out victorious and surprise everyone.

Last, but certainly not the least, the St Luis Blues have shown steady performance throughout the competition and deserve to be in the final. Listed at +290 to win the cup, they have so far won three of the five Conference Final games with two more to go before the winner is selected. If they continue playing the way they are, and aside for any unwarranted surprises, the next two games should be easy wins for the Blues making the final between them and the Bruins something worth watching.

Written by George Blouth

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