Steve Yzerman could lose out on ‘perceived candidate’ by slow-playing Jeff Blashill decision

Will Jeff Blashill be the head coach of the Detroit Red Wings for the 2021-22 season?

That is a question that we all want to know an answer to but Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman is slow-playing his decision on whether or not Blashill will continue to coach the team. (At least he is slow-playing telling the media)

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But could Yzerman taking his time actually end up costing him a candidate?

As we have written before, if Yzerman does decide to move on from Blashill (I don't see it happening), we expect Gerard Gallant to be a top candidate to land the Red Wings job. After all, he and Yzerman and buddies and he is a veteran coach who has proven he can win in the NHL.

That being said, the New York Rangers have an opening and according to many, Gallant is the favorite to land a gig in the Big Apple.

Personally, I believe Yzerman already knows exactly what he is doing with Blashill and I believe he has even spoken to Gallant to kick the tires (pure speculation).

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Yes, Yzerman is very calculated, but I do not believe he is indecisive at all.

My guess is that Blashill is returning but nothing would surprise me.

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  1. I want Jeff Blashill out! He has ruined Detroit Red Wings hope for 6 years, should he get a 7th? He has all this new talent we end up tied for last place in our division. Enough is enough. If Steve Yzermann doesn’t release him, he should resign himself! That’s my opinion.????????☹️????

  2. If Scotty Bowman is available I would like him, he led us to Stanley Cup Championships. Or even Mike Babcock, anyone except Jeff Blashill. Enough is enough!

  3. I’ve been shouting this off all over the net but Lane Lambert is also out of contract at the islanders. I don’t think there is a “perceived candidate” but if there is, it’s not a given that Gallant is it. I’ve been championing Lambert for the job, so I guess perceived candidate is on whoever you ask. If there is change, I expect it to be Lambert, but I also have the most darkest of feelings that Blashill will get extended. Gallant to the Rangers makes way more sense than Gallant to the wings so I could see that happening for sure. I dont think just being buddies is enough to get Gallant behind the bench, I see Lambert as a better fit here for all kinds of reasons. So I’m thinking Blashill or Lambert, and if the decision was left to me, Jeff would already have cleared his office out.

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