Suggested blockbuster trade would send Detroit Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford packing

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And now the Detroit sports columnists are starting to get into the Matthew Stafford trade speculation so we will humor them.

If you have not yet heard, Deshaun Watson hates the Houston Texans ownership (his current team) and there are reports suggesting that he has probably played his final down for the team.

So, could the Detroit Lions be a possible trade destination if the Texans want to unload Watson?

Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon and he suggested a trade that would send Watson to the Lions and Stafford to the Texans.

Wojo suggests the Lions trade Stafford, the No. 7 overall selection in 2021, a first-rounder in 2022, and a second-rounder in 2023 in exchange for Watson.

Let me begin by saying one thing. Watson has a no-trade clause and I would be shocked if he waived that to come to Detroit. Second, I would not even entertain this proposal if I was Lions’ GM Brad Holmes. Stafford still has gas in the tank and giving him up, along with multiple first-round picks and a second-round pick is crazy talk.

I am not really sure what Wojo is thinking with this trade proposal.

4 thoughts on “Suggested blockbuster trade would send Detroit Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford packing”

  1. Dojo you are an idiot Watson has to go and Stafford does not so why would you pay that much for a disgruntled QB?
    Stupid the owners of the lions have listened to you newspaper reporters, YES REPORTERS Not football coaches or front office but a stinking newspaper reporter who knows shit about sports!
    Get real Watson is available for a first round as he is a Cam Newton and needs to be babysat. Why would you trade your starter for Watson? He has little experience and he has a “I am great you do what I want! No good attitude does nothing to help a struggling team.
    Once again you are not a football guy as you are football stupid especially after this joke of a trade

  2. Im sorry Lion or Texan fans, but neither if these guys want to play for your team. Stafford is one of the best QBs in the NFL he’s just always played for the worst team. Once he he is wearing a 49er, Steelers, Saints, or Colts uniform thot team has a great shot at getting a ring.

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