Super Bowl Champion head coach has BOLD prediction for Detroit Lions

    Heading into the 2022 season, the hope of many was that the Detroit Lions would at least double their win total from a year ago when they won just three games. Fast forward to the present and the Lions are currently sitting at 8-8 on the season, and they have a chance to triple their win total from a year ago if they are able to defeat the Green Bay Packers in Week 18. More importantly, if the Lions can get some help from the Los Angeles Rams earlier in the day, they will be playing for a playoff spot on Sunday Night Football.

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    What did a Super Bowl Champion head coach say about the Detroit Lions?

    During a recent interview with The 33rd Team, former Super Bowl Champion head coach Mike Martz said he thinks the Detroit Lions could end up in the NFC Championship Game.

    “I think they can make it into the playoffs and I think they can go a ways in the playoffs. I think they can end up in the NFC Championship,” he said in a breakdown for The 33rd Team.

    “Are they good enough to get to the Super Bowl? I don’t know if they’re good enough on defense. But this is a team that is clearly one of the top five or six in the league right now,” Martz said.

    Martz also praised Lions' OC Ben Johnson.

    “I think right now, he’s doing the best job in the league, bar none. He incorporates the run — not just the run but the variation of the runs and they’re downhill runs. They’re not all out of the shotgun,” he said.

    Nation, do you think the Detroit Lions can find their way into the playoffs? If they do, do you think they can make a run to the NFC Championship Game?

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