T.J. Hockenson says Matthew Stafford was his guy but now he’s ready to ‘go to war’ with Jared Goff

When the Detroit Lions used a top 10 pick to select tight end T.J. Hockenson, many were disappointed in Bob Quinn‘s decision.

In fact, when the pick was made, my comment was that unless Hockenson becomes a perennial Pro Bowl player, it would be looked at as a mistake.

Well, Hockenson made his first NFL Pro Bowl in 2021 as he and former Lions QB Matthew Stafford had a great connection.

But now Stafford is gone and Jared Goff will now be the QB responsible for getting Hockenson the ball.

During a recent appearance on The Pat McAffee Show, Hockenson said that Stafford was his guy but that he is ready to go to war with Goff.

From Woodward Sports:

“Staff was my guy. I loved having him as a quarterback. Smart Player,” said Hockenson. “Prolly one of the best, you know, like, football minds that I’ve been around.”

“So when he left the building in January, obviously that was tough just because he was my guy. But when I got with JG, and I like, threw with JG, I was excited. I mean, JG’s been such a good dude in the locker. He’s played, I mean, in a Super Bowl. He’s played in those situations. And that’s where he wants to get to. That’s where he wants to get this city to. And you know he pushes me every day.”

“The way he talks to me is like, ‘Hey, that’s a big play for that guy, but not for you. That’s routine.’ And it’s like ‘Oh sh*t. Alright.’ Like, I like that. You know, like, ‘Yeah, you’re right. That is routine.’ That friendship that we have, like off the field.”

“Like knowing that’s my dog, and like I’ll go to war with him, it’s a cool concept to have…I love just being around JG.”


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