T.J. Lang calls out Roger Goodell, says NFL is fixing games against Detroit Lions

The 2020 season is officially in the books for the Detroit Lions and not surprisingly, they got screwed by the refs multiple times during their loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Following a blown call that should have resulted in a Marvin Jones Jr. touchdown, former Detroit Lions OL T.J. Lang took to Twitter to accuse the NFL of fixing games against the Lions (though we doubt he really means that).

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In addition to Lang, plenty took to social media to blast the refs for an awful call.

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  1. No surprise, they do it to us all the time… But I want the NFL to come out and apologize to Lions fans, Marvin Jones Jr, Matthew Stafford and Tracy Walker!!! Because we were all screwed. Great pass thrown by Stafford to Jones for a great catch, they ended up scoring but it took a lot of time off the clock. And it was nice to finally see our D step up and give great effort in stopping the Vikings from scoring.. especially Tracy Walker when he sacked Cousins. His reward was to get a rouging the passer call and the Vikings got 4 more tries to score and they did. 7 points they should not of gotten. Lions won that game!

  2. Lions don’t get the calls. For years.The national teams like Green Bay Dallas etc do. The ratings pay the bills. Follow the money. It is a shame. Its hard enough to get players and coaches to Detroit.

  3. The Lions are CLEARLY being discriminated against by the refs. That call yesterday was unjust. They should have refuted it. It was a fair and clean sack……refs are supposed to be neutral, fair, they need to replace them with honest people!

  4. Need to have fines put in place and jobs on the line for refs who blatantly make calls to ensure victory or to move score in a favorable position for their pockets to get fatter. This game should be under review and the officials definitely making no qualms about who they needed to win.

  5. For roughing the passer to exist, wouldn’t the ball have to have been passed first? This was just tackling a running back.

  6. The National Fixedball League, has been just that for years, they even name ridiculous made up on the field rules after Lions players aka “the Calvin Johnson rule” . If you’re not one of the “league’s” diva players, or teams you will never win anything. I quit watching this shitshow, a few years ago, because of all the “bad calls”.

  7. If Goodell over sees it ,more than likely it is corrupt. The veterans of this nation know what a spineless bastard he is and don’t trust him.

  8. Well, let’s put it this way. How many coaches, players, gms, have the lions gone thru? They have had good ones at all positions. It’s a rigged league. some games they play so good and win. Then others the refs make crazy calls. Basically T.J. didn’t come out and say bluntly 100 percent that it is. But he wouldnt. He just hinted and if you’re smart enough then you will understand that in so many words he said I’m tired of holding it in. So I think us as fans should start getting together and having a protest like people do with other things In life. Players , owners, coaches get payed millions. We are a majority of that funding. So stop buying clothes, tickets, watching games. Do it for a whole year. See if they will change. Otherwise it will never stop and they will just do what they want. We are not getting are fair amount of respect back for supporting them. Start the protest now!! Fan lock out. Post it on face book, and every where on the internet. Go out on the streets. Pick a date and time. I’ll go protest out in front of Goodell’s office. Sincerely a very true fan once that looked up sports on phone at least 3 hours a day. Watched every game. Bought lots of clothing. So join and give this circus show up. Start spending the money on your children, wife’s, family, vacations, resorts, whatver you like. Stop spending it on sports.

  9. Come on think about baseball and how much caught cheating has gone on? Then with the Patriots? So we’re all being cheated. Remember the world is a imperfect world. We won’t even start with the president’s. They all are greedy. Start the fans lockout now!! Amen. May the truth hurt

  10. I think it’s a sign of good luck. The refs actually helped the Lions have better draft position. Like literally, they were helping the Lions lose to win. There is literally no reason to be mad about these calls. It’s not like the Dallas playoff game. It’s the exact opposite. It’s weird and unusual, but the refs fixed the game for the favor of the Lions.

  11. I’ve been a lions fan over 50 years. I have watched as the refs screw them so many times I can’t watch them anymore.

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