T.J. Lang shares thoughts on latest Matthew Stafford trade rumor

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On Saturday, a rumor surfaced that the Detroit Lions are in talks with the San Francisco 49ers about a trade that would involve Matthew Stafford.

Following the rumor surfacing, former Lions’ offensive lineman T.J. Lang took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

“Will be weird to see Stafford in a different uniform but I hope he gets a chance to win a championship in the next couple years. Guy deserves it.”

Nation, how would you feel about a trade that would send Matthew Stafford to another team?

1 thought on “T.J. Lang shares thoughts on latest Matthew Stafford trade rumor”

  1. I’ve suffered through 70 years of Lions failures, but I’m still a fan.

    Stafford deserves to go to a team who will get him to the playoffs and a SB. He’s gave the Lions 12 years of effort. He hasn’t had a steady HC to support him. You can’t change HC every 3 or 4 years and expect a winning team.

    I’d like to thank Matt for 12 years of exciting football and wish him and his family the best.

    Thank again.

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