T.J. Lang suggests outside the box (yet inside the box) GM candidate for Lions

Who will the Detroit Lions hire to replace Bob Quinn as their general manager?

That is a question that will likely be answered within the next month or so but for now, we are left to sift through the candidates to determine for ourselves who would be the best fit. (Note: Anyone out there telling you that any GM candidate is a lock to turn the franchise around does not know what they are talking about as it does not work that way)

Though a plethora of candidates have been mentioned by media members, former Lions OL T.J. Lang just mentioned an outside the box (yet inside the box) candidate we had not yet considered.

That candidate is Lance Newmark.

For those of you (99% of you) who have no idea who Lance Newmark is, let me help.

Newmark is currently the Director of Player Personnel for the Lions and he has been since 2017 when Bob Quinn promoted him.

Newmark has actually been part of the Lions organization since 1998. Before being promoted, he dealt primarily with college scouting.

Nation, would you be ok with the Lions replacing Bob Quinn from within? Something tells me that hiring from within would not go over well with the Lions’ fan base.

What do you think?

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