Michigan WR A.J. Henning’s Gus Johnson impression is perfection [Video]

The No. 2 Michigan Wolverines may be in South Florida on a business trip but that does not mean they are not having some fun before their big game against No. 3 Georgia in the Orange Bowl. Earlier this week, the Wolverines were hanging out on the beach and wide receiver A.J. Henning was caught … Read more

Trick play from Michigan results in 80 yard touchdown return from A.J. Henning [Video]

This is a play we’d love to see next week! The Michigan Wolverines added to their lead over the Maryland Terrapins this afternoon late in the 3rd quarter thanks to a trick play drawn up by ST coordinator Jay Harbaugh. On the kickoff return following a Terrapins TD, Micheal Barrett threw a lateral pass across … Read more