Top 10 ‘Can’t Miss’ games on the 2016 NFL schedule

The 2016 NFL schedule has been released for a bit now and looking at it, there are an abundance of great match-ups. From old rivalries to Super Bowl rematches, here is a list of the top NFL games you should circle on your calendar in 2016. Super Bowl 50 rematch to open the season Week 1: Carolina … Read more

Fantasy Football: Top 5 Add/Drops after Week 9

It’s getting later and later into the fantasy season, and it’s at the point where many of the names on the waiver wire are guys who have been on rosters at some point but have since been dropped. Some of these players were dropped because they can’t be relied upon on a week to week … Read more

Pro Football Focus ranks Matthew Stafford dead last in NFL

If you are looking for a reason as to why the Detroit Lions are off to a 0-3 start, you may have to look no further than the quarterback position. According to Pro Football Focus, the Lions signal caller Matthew Stafford is ranked last in the NFL when it comes to quarterback rankings. Here is … Read more

Fantasy Football 2015: Top 10 Quarterbacks revealed

The 2015 NFL regular season is right around the corner which means it’s fantasy football time! Here is my list of the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks for 2015. My advice to you, do not draft a quarterback in the first round of your draft. It will be tempting but to be completely honest, there is … Read more

NFL Insiders on Matthew Stafford: ‘There is something missing’

If you ask ESPN’s panel of NFL experts, Matthew Stafford is still a second tier quarterback. This is according to’s yearly poll (ESPN insider only) taken by a panel of anonymous NFL personalities, which graded each starting QB. Among the people who were polled are eight personnel directors, six general managers, four head coaches, five offensive coordinators, five … Read more

Patriots and Colts Go to Battle for the AFC Championship

This season, Tom Brady has been nothing short of sensational. I guess that is why they call the University of Michigan graduate “Tom Terrific”. Time and time again, Brady and the New England Patriots have been doubted. But they always stop doubt in its tracks. Earlier in the season, many members of the national media … Read more