Top 5 Detroit Tigers rookies in franchise history

Over the years the Detroit Tigers have fielded many outstanding players. What’s even more impressive is what some Tigers rookies accomplished during their first season. Let’s take a look back at the Top 5 Rookies in the history of the Detroit Tigers. All statistics for this post were gleaned from Austin Jackson In 2010, Austin … Read more

Former Tiger Phil Coke attempting a comeback

Former Tigers’ relief pitcher Phil Coke will attempt a major league comeback in the upcoming season, and he will do so as a knuckleballer. Coke has not pitched in the majors since 2016, where he only appeared in 10 games (six for the New York Yankees and four with the Pittsburgh Pirates). The 35-year-old last … Read more

MUST SEE: Ex-Tiger Austin Jackson with the catch of the year

Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Jackson endeared himself to fans when he made a spectacular catch to preserve Armando Galarraga‘s (near) perfect game on that fateful night in Detroit in 2010.

Now, as a member of the Cleveland Indians, he’s added an even better highlight to his repertoire.

With Cleveland leading the Boston Red Sox 7-5 in the bottom of the fifth, Jackson went over the bullpen wall to rob Hanley Ramírez of a lead off home-run. The catch was so spectacular that the Red Sox fans in attendance at Fenway Park applauded, even though it robbed their own team. It sure isn’t often you see the hometown fans cheer the opposition. 

“I just wanted to try to get back to the wall and try to read it,” Jackson said. “I got back and I tried to get to the fence first. When I jumped and caught it, I realized I was about to take a tumble to the other side. Luckily, I was able to grab the fence a little bit and I flipped over.”

Jackson has a knack for robbing hitters of home-runs. According to ESPN, it’s his fifth such robbery.

Unfortunately, the catch might remind Tigers fans of Torii Hunter‘s failed bullpen-flipping catch, coincidently against the Red Sox in the 2013 ALCS – also at Fenway. Jackson certainly remembers that play well.

“As my feet were flipping over, for some reason I was thinking about that same play that I’ve seen with Torii,” Jackson said.

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Former Tigers Farmhands: Where are they now?

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Tigers offseason bidding war: Price or Cespedes?

The Detroit Tigers are a little over a calendar month into the 2015 season and currently find themselves second place in the AL Central division behind reigning American League champions, the Kansas City Royals. Detroit started off 11-2 out of the gate but have since then leveled off. They are currently struggling to find that consistent good play that they had for the first two weeks of the regular season back in April.

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Tigers Top 5 Defensive Plays of 2014

Stop laughing! No, seriously, cut it out, this is going to happen whether you like it or not, so just enjoy the show!  Ok, even a Detroit Tigers slappy like myself admits that the 2014 team was not a team that will be remembered for their defense.  That being said, I was able to come … Read more

Price Arrives in Detroit; Spot in Rotation Revealed

DETROIT, Michigan — David Price arrived at Comerica Park on Saturday afternoon, just hours before his new team is set to take on the Colorado Rockies in the second game of a three game series. Price threw a quick bullpen session before meeting with reporters to discuss the big blockbuster trade that brought him to … Read more