Detroit Lions to party like it’s 1991 this Sunday

Sunday, while the Detroit Lions “defend the den” against Todd Gurley and the Los Angeles Rams they will be celebrating their 1991 team by lowering some of the concession prices to what they were during their 12-4 season that culminated with them reaching the NFC Championship. If you don’t look into it too far, it seems … Read more

WATCH: Bo Jackson’s ‘Tecmo Bo’ 2017 Kia Sorento ad

Kia went straight old school when promoting one of their all-new SUV’s. An arcade game released back in the late 1980’s known as ‘Tecmo Bowl’ is one of the all-time greatest sports games ever created. The game was originally just in arcade form, but its popularity grew and soon found itself available on actual game … Read more

Barry Sanders ‘Monday Night Football’ Intro

October 10, 2011, marked the first Monday Night Football game that would be taking place inside Ford Field. The Detroit Lions played host to their NFC North division rival Chicago Bears. It was the Lions’ first MNF appearance since Week 4 of the regular season in 2001 against the St. Louis Rams. Detroit went onto win the … Read more

Lions’ players pay tribute to Muhammad Ali

The news sent shock waves throughout the sporting world. Muhammad Ali tragically passed away this past Friday, June 3rd at the age of 74. Ali was one of the most iconic figures that the world of sports has ever seen. His catchphrase ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ is one of the most … Read more

TBT: Theo Riddick’s juke move on Monday Night Football

It was last season, Week 15 to be exact. The Detroit Lions were playing the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. There were 6 minutes and some change left to go until halftime. Matthew Stafford dropped back, didn’t see anything downfield, so he checked the ball down to running back, Theo Riddick. Riddick would … Read more

FLASHBACK: Barry Sanders literally breaks ankles of Rod Woodson

It was the opening regular season game of the 1995 NFL season. The Detroit Lions were matched up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Late in the first quarter, on a 3rd & 7 play, Scott Mitchell would drop back and check the ball down to Barry Sanders.

Sanders proceeded to run to outside where now Pro Football Hall of Famer Rod Woodson was there waiting to make the tackle… Or, so he thought.

Normally the phrase “break your ankles” doesn’t literally mean to break one’s ankles. But Barry was so smooth and shifty, even Hall of Fame defenders stood no chance.

Woodson was actually sidelined for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL. He returned to play in Super Bowl XXX against the Dallas Cowboys.


Best selling throwback jerseys ranked by state

Let’s face it, Nation, throwback jerseys are awesome! You can buy a jersey of a past superstar and never have to worry about that player being traded and the jersey becoming a hanger-taker-upper in the closet. But have you ever wondered about which throwback jersey is the best selling in each state? Well, if you … Read more

Calvin Johnson paid back part of bonus to Lions

When Calvin Johnson retired this week, along with celebrating his accomplishments, there was some talk about how his retirement would help the Lions financially. Today, we found out that Johnson helped Detroit out even more than he needed to, paying back part of his bonus. The Lions went after Barry Sanders when he retired with … Read more

If Calvin Johnson departs, what happens to the Lions?

Reports have been swirling that Calvin Johnson is considering retirement after 97.1 the Ticket’s Terry Foster speculated on the possibility earlier this week. Regarding the topic, Johnson said he would have a decision “in the not-too-distant future.” Suddenly, Johnson keeping the balls from his last two touchdowns takes a whole new spin. The Calvin situation is … Read more

Have some fun with the Lions vs Packers broadcast

Nearly every Lions fan knows that Detroit hasn’t won in Wisconsin since December 15, 1991. You can be sure that Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck and color commentator Troy Aikman will mention it–early and often. And you know the inevitable graphic will be displayed showing how much a gallon of gas went for in 1991, … Read more