JUST IN: Former Detroit Pistons guard arrested for felony robbery

Here we go again. Another professional athlete (former in this case) is in hot water with the law. Embed from Getty Images According to a report from USA Today, former Detroit Pistons guard Ben Gordon has been arrested for felony robbery following a dispute at a Los Angeles apartment complex. From USA Today: LAPD public … Read more

The 10 Worst Trades in Pistons History

Believe it or not, any perceived (or actual) ineptitude within the modern day Detroit Pistons front office—pre-Van Gundy, that is—largely pales in comparison to what transpired on a regular basis before general manager Jack McCloskey‘s arrival in 1979. To be sure, there’s been plenty of missteps in recent memory (we reckon one in particular from … Read more

Detroit Pistons Mailbag

This week I received your emails and tweets with your Detroit Pistons questions. I’m here to answer them as best I can. Don Merriman Q: What free agents are we targeting? With #greg monroe a restricted free agent, are we looking to match an offer sheet from another team? Lastly, who are looking at in … Read more