Voter who left Verlander off ballot: “I did the best I could”

A lot of controversy has shown up in the last 24 hours after news broke that two Cy Young voters had left Justin Verlander off of their ballots entirely. This revelation gave reasoning on how Verlander, with 14 first place votes, could lose to former Detroit Tiger Rick Porcello. One of the two voters recently spoke … Read more

Twitter reacts (more like rages) to Justin Verlander Cy Young snub

Well… that wasn’t the result we wanted, was it Tigers fans? Justin Verlander had himself a heck of a year and unfortunately received the short end of the votes in favor of former Tiger pitcher Rick Porcello. The reactions were across the spectrum after the voting count came in, including a fervent response from Kate Upton … Read more

Look out MLB, Justin Verlander will take out his frustrations in 2017

What went down on Wednesday evening will forever be remembered as one of the biggest screw jobs in the history of the Cy Young Award as Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander finished in second place behind Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox, despite having more first place votes. Rest assured, coming in second place … Read more

ON THIS DAY: Joe DiMaggio goes 3 for 4, extends hitting streak to 56 games

Probably my favorite record to discuss when the topic of ‘records’ is brought up in a sports related conversation between me and someone else or me and a group of people. The history that surrounds Joe DiMaggio‘s 56 game hitting streak, while playing for the New York Yankees, will forever and ever live on in … Read more