Top 5 Martin Mayhew draft picks


With the NFL draft right around the corner, Martin Mayhew has made many great draft picks during his tenure as general manager of the Detroit Lions. Some were late round steals, and others were just flat out great picks. These are only players who are currently on the Lions roster. Love him or hate him, Mayhew is the GM of the Lions and, as always, our hope is in him and his staff to draft high level talent to help the team. These are the top 5 Martin Mayhew draft picks.

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The Lions of yesterday… today?

The Detroit Lions were a playoff team this past year on the strength of their solid defense led by recent free agent departure Ndamukong Suh. This offseason has started out very much the same as the last time the Lions made the playoffs in 2011. Both offseasons were billed as “Build for Sustainability” offseasons, meant … Read more

Five remaining NFL free agents the Detroit Lions could use

This free agent season has been a rather quiet one for our Detroit Lions.

Besides the presumable “move of the off-season” to acquire perennial Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata from the Baltimore Ravens, the Lions front office has had a small-time presence in big-name player acquisition this off-season.

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John Harbaugh believes that Haloti Ngata still has gas in the tank

Haloti Ngata photo

On Tuesday the Detroit Lions traded for Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata with the hope of filling a gap left by Ndamukong Suh. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was in Ann Arbor today to speak to the University of Michigan football team and while he was there he gave his stamp of approval on Ngata.

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Beyond the Game: Haloti Ngata (Video)

In case you haven’t heard, on Tuesday the Detroit Lions traded the Baltimore Ravens for nose tackle Haloti Ngata. Ngata has been selected for the Pro Bowl five times and was part of the Ravens Super Bowl XLVII winning team. Here is a video to help you to get to know Ngata a little bit before you get to see him in the Lions’ Honolulu blue and silver knocking out opposing quarterbacks.

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