Charles Woodson Wants Suh To Join Him In Oakland

Oakland Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson wants to help the team get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2002, and he wants Ndamukong Suh to help. “I don’t think there’s a team in the NFL that wouldn’t want to see Ndamukong Suh on their team,” Woodson said. “I know I would be no … Read more

Marshall Faulk Blasts Matthew Stafford

If you are a die-hard supporter of Matthew Stafford, I am giving you this one opportunity to stop reading before you throw something through a wall. 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1, okay, your time is up. Are you still there? Time to drop the bomb. Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk believes that the … Read more

Detroit Lions and rest of NFL react on Twitter to worst call ever

When Pete Carroll called a pass on the Seattle Seahawks last offensive play of the game, and it was intercepted, Twitter exploded. Here is a list of tweets from current and former NFL players. I tried to find as many as I could from the Detroit Lions, though they seemed to stay pretty quiet, at … Read more

Video: Havard Rugland aka Kickalicious Has Returned

Havard Rugland, better known as “Kickalicious”, has released a new video as part of a sponsorship with Pepsi. This time around, Rugland is making his tricks in Norway, and boy does it have some nice scenery in it. The video is proof why “Kickalicious”  is well known as a kicking savant. If you’re a Detroit Lions … Read more

Seahawks Coordinator Kippy Brown Has a Theory About the Detroit Lions

One decision by the Detroit Lions’ front office resulted in Detroit having not only the worst season in NFL history, but likely in all of sports. Former Lions assistant coach Kippy Brown believes that 0-16 could have been prevented. Speaking to The Free Press on Tuesday, Brown, who is currently  the Seahawks receivers coach, stated … Read more

Top 5 Off-Season Priorities for the Detroit Lions

Top 5 Off-Season Priorities for the Detroit Lions

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys


It’s that time of year again Lions fans! While the Super Bowl is right around the corner, our boys have been sent home to enjoy the off-season. The Detroit Lions did see a resurgence under the leadership of Jim Caldwell in his first year as the Lions head coach. Under Caldwell,  Detroit emerged as one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL however, costly penalties dove while team composure rose, and we made the playoffs. There is a bright future ahead of us fans, but this off-season will be the most important of GM Martin Mayhew’s career. Here are the Detroit Lions Top 5 off-season priorities.


NFL Pro Bowl Preview – Detroit Lions Style

Pro Bowl party plans are being finalized, and the moment that football fans around the world have been waiting for is nearly here.  This Sunday, the NFL Pro Bowl will be played in what is sure to be a game that will not soon be forgotten, as the greatest players in the league will suit … Read more

Jim Caldwell : Leader of the New School

When Jim Caldwell stood before the Detroit media while being introduced as the new head coach of the Detroit Lions last January 28th, he declared, “the time is now.” With a stoic presence and a call for discipline and accountability from his players, Caldwell led the Lions to an 11-win season and a playoff berth, … Read more

Five Things We Learned About The Detroit Lions This Season

We all remember 0-16. That season and that record are cemented in the minds of not only Detroit Lions fans, but in NFL infamy. I can remember in 2008 sitting on my couch at home, seeing the final seconds tick off the clock at Lambeau Field, and realizing what just had transpired. Realizing that I was … Read more

VIDEO: Silverdome roof now completely destroyed

After years of neglect, the Silverdome roof has finally met its demise. In video captured by YouTube user Urbex US and reported by WDIV, the decay of the Pontiac Silverdome has accelerated in recent months after the previously partially collapsed roof fully caved, leaving the stadium completely exposed to the elements. The footage captured emanates a sense … Read more

Video: Dominic Raiola Stomps on Ankle of Bears Linemen Ferguson

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola appeared to intentionally stomp on the prone ankle of linemen Ego Ferguson in the third quarter of today’s game against the Chicago Bears. As many Detroiters may recall, this would not be the Lions’ first foray into flagrant stomping. Ndamukong Suh notably stomped upon the leg of Green Bay’s Evan Dietrich-Smith … Read more